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FlipBeats invites you to a Customized, Professional music listening experience. A good recording studio provides a listening experience unmatched by almost any other environment. It’s a space tailored to reproduce sound in a very predictable and honest way. The exact studio listening experience is what we deliver through FlipBeats. Adopting some of the key studio features, FlipBeats improves how your listening space sounds.
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Unique Intuitive Design
Gesture Power
Advanced Audio Features & Customizations
Streaming Music

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  • The Guardian UK lists FlipBeats in the 20 Best Android Apps and Games

    A polished app for playing songs stored on the device, with an emphasis on detailed EQ settings and tweaking the configuration. Fairly complex features, but with a friendly user interface to get around them.

  • FlipBeats: Slick music player app for Apple & Android

    FlipBeats is graphically rich, simple gesture controls and music visualizations, plus there are various sound settings. FlipBeats initially supported only locally stored music and now supports cloud Streaming Music. It is definitely worth a closer look.

  • FlipBeats Is a Good-Looking, Gesture-Powered Music Player

    Whether you want a music player that's just fun and easy to use, or you want one that gives you control over how your music sounds when you play it, FlipBeats is a new Music player that's worth a look.

We are proud, yet humbled, by the awards and recognition we have received over the years

Enjoy your Musical Freedom!
Packed with Features and Customizations
FlipBeats is an AWARD WINING music player which lets you truly Experience Music in a very intuitive way. It has a Unique, Intuitive & Customizable Flip UI bundled with tons of Advanced Features which you will for sure fall in love with.


Advanced Audio Configurations
  • 22 Equalizer Presets to choose from
  • 2 FlipBeats Pro EQ Presets
  • 5 User Memory Settings
  • Pro EQ Engine
    • Multi band Graphical Equalizer
    • Bass Boost
    • Balance Control
    • Room Size Configuration
    • Large Hall
    • Large Room
    • Medium Hall
    • Medium Room
    • Plate
    • Small Room

Pro Reverbs Engine
Reverbs and delays are arguably the most common effects used at mix-down. FlipBeats is equipped with the most advanced Pro Reverbs Engine available on a mobile app. Whether you are on Apple iOS or Android platforms, you can get the best Sound Quality out of your mobile device with FlipBeats.
  • Dry/ Wet Mix
  • Gain
  • Min Delay Time
  • Max Delay Time
  • Decay Time at Ohz
  • Decay Time at Nyquist
  • Randomize Reflection
  • Decay (Limiter)
  • Pre Gain (Limiter)
  • Decay HF Ratio
  • Decay Time
  • Density
  • Diffusion
  • Reflections Delay
  • Reflections Level
  • Reverb Delay
  • Reverb Level
  • Room Level


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